Volunteering Can Make A Difference

Last Friday I got a call from the Canadian Blood Services. They were looking for a donor match to donate blood platelets. Now I have been a regular donor for several years and I go as frequently as time permits. Now I am not a big, long time donor. I've only donated 26 times but to me it is the fact that I go as regularly as I can and donate that matters to me.
Well, anyway, I got this call asking if I could donate. I normally get these calls if I haven't come in for a couple of months. Well, I only donated a couple weeks ago and my next appointment was not for several more weeks so I was wondering what the call was all about. Turns out, I am a match for a person who has the same blood type and had an urgent need for my platelets. To make things even more exciting, I am one of only two people in the whole city that are a match for this person. What an amazing call to get on a Friday afternoon.
I was only to happy to crawl onto a comfy sofa chair for my 2 hour donation (yes it takes that long for me). The nurses wrap me in warm blankets and heater packs to keep me warm. I can watch movies or TV shows on the LCD TV hanging in front of me. I can read or even sleep. I usually take my laptop and iPhone and listen to music while I review courseware (student guides, etc).
After the donation, I asked one of the nurses how they would be using my platelets. Turns out, there is someone who is undergoing chemo treatments and they need my platelets to help them with the treatment process. I am not very technically knowledgeable when it comes to the medical terms so I don't understand all the medical jargon, but I am thrilled that I was able to really make a difference with my donation today.
If you haven't signed up to donation blood, plasma or platelets, consider what kind of a difference that donation and volunteer time will have on other people in your community.
BTW: I hate needles and the whole process of giving blood. I can't stand it. Now you ask "Why do you go and do this so often". Well, it was my New Year's resolution a couple of years ago. I always say "Play hard or go home". My resolutions are the same as my motto. Giving blood platelets on regular basis is a very rewarding experience and it helps me to get over my aversion to needles.
Have you thought about donating blood? If not, give it a try. It is not that difficult and very rewarding.
Here is a link to a larger photo of the machine. I will take more pictures the next time I donate (March 2). I will also try and include so photos of me donating (if I can convince a nurse to take the picture with my iPhone).

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Ben Officer REALTOR® said...


Great blog post. I too am a platelet donor and I try to encourage people to donate anyway they can.
You never know when you might be in need yourself.
Keep spreadin the word.