Quiet Easter Weekend - But I did stimulate the Economy

I took the weekend off from blogging and other IT consulting work to spend the time with my family. However, all is not lost in the blogging arena. I will be updating the blog this week with some reviews of my latest crime-fighting and adventure traveling technology.
I purchased a new point and shoot camera that is waterproof to 10m or 33ft and shockproof to 2m or 6.6ft.I see lots of potential for both adventure trekking and crime-fighting with this camera.
I've upgraded at least half of my treking gear. Weight reduction and new technology are all the primary modivators behind these acquisitions.This includes boots, jackets, new tech clothing, stove, water purification,etc. The list goes on.
So, stay tuned. As I find the time this week, I will be posting more information and some reviews.

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