Twitter for the Music Lovers

I have to say that I haven't spent a great deal of time on the all the different music sharing sites but when I stumbled across, I was a little surprised to see the level of conversation that occurs on
What struck me the most is that some people use this site to tweet with those that share the same taste in music. It could be sharing a mood, a lost love, or a joy in the fact that it is the weekend. The fact that there at @ replies, direct messages and hashtags makes this site stand out as a Twitter music stite
that is Twitter talk but sharing music at the same time. The conversations and threads can be long (over time) and interesting. Along the way, you will meet new people and end up following new people on Twitter. And all this from listening to a little music.
I will blip a song that I like and want share and I have other people re-blipping that song and giving me props. This in turn will introduce me to people who have songs that they want to share and this then opens me up to other songs and artists that I might have never heard before. This is a global environment and people like to share local talent.
On Twitter, people are sharing URLs to websites, blogs, and news feeds where, GrooveShark, and other sites are dedicated to sharing music. I've tried a few more than this but haven't gotten the bug like I have with
My one frustration with is finding songs. Sometimes I will have to scroll through many songs to find the right one only to find out that it isn't available. Oh well, things will change and evolve and my taste in music will change.

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